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“ George Courey has been a valued vendor partner over many years. They have maintained a consistent track record of providing high volume requirements, quality products and fair pricing throughout their relationship with Booth Centennial. George Courey has shown a commitment to innovation through the introduction of new and improved product lines to enhance our customer experience. Our George Courey representative is highly responsive and knowledgeable in providing dedicated service to meet Booth Centennial's ever changing needs.”

- Julie Sarginson
Director Business Operations
Booth Centennial Healthcare Linen Services.

“ I would like to share a quick word about the outstanding work of our representative at George Courey. We have talked on several occasions and she has proven to be a great listener and attentive to our needs. She is true to her word and always follows through on her promises. I also receive the same service when I call into George Courey's office and talk to their customer service: quick, clear and precise.

Thank you for everything.”

- Evelyne Mayette
Hôtel et Suites Le Dauphin

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