The art of balancing laundry quality and efficiency

Today’s increasingly connected world has created a permanent power shift towards the client in the customer/supplier relationship. Gone are the days where a company can be successful without being customer-centric in their corporate vision and business ideology.

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Cotton 101

Everything you need to know about this very versatile fibre to make judicious textile choices for your hospitality and healthcare business.

Origins and varieties

Cotton is a natural textile, made from plants from the Gossypium genus. More than 50 species can be found around the world, growing mostly in tropical and sub-tropical areas. It can grow as high as two meters.

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A New ERP System at Your Service

All our client interactions are guided by our desire to be efficient, precise and to offer the best value at the best price. That is why we have recently implemented a new computerized enterprise resource planning (ERP) system

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