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As we arrive already to the end of the first month of 2022, there is no better time than the present to reflect on the past year we have had here at George Courey Inc.

Last year, our two warehouses have been servicing all of North America. In most cases still maintaining an incredible shipping time within 2 to 3 days.

GCI stands proud to have not only gone through the demands of the pandemic with much success but to have been behind great government contracts and to be able to continue our work on sustainability even with the pressures in the supply chain.

The company has reached the amazing age of 112 and is now under the rains of the 4th generation of the Courey family. As the company expands its offerings across the globe and with a strong focus in reusable healthcare textiles, we can look forward to another exciting year ahead.

The rapid spread of the virus in 2020 prompted shutdowns of industries around the world and, while most of us were in lockdown, there was lower consumer demand and reduced industrial activity.

As lockdowns have lifted, demand has rocketed. And supply chains that were disrupted during the global health crisis are still facing huge challenges and are struggling to bounce back.

This has led to chaos for the manufacturers and distributors of goods who cannot produce or supply as much as they did pre-pandemic for a variety of reasons, including worker shortages and a lack of key components and raw materials.

Here at GCI we have seen a specific impact on the number of shipping containers being readily available. It has led to drastic inflation in shipping and container prices, in some cases containers were and still are 800 times more costly than a year ago, and increased delay times for companies, often doubled. Thus, in turn having a huge impact on the end customer who needs goods within a specific timeframe.

To understand where the containers have vanished you must first understand that a significant number of containers have found themselves in inland depots while others have been stacking up at cargo ports. If you laid all the containers from end to end they would stretch from LA to Chicago.

That being said our very own CEO, Jeffrey Courey, has had the privilege of speaking at a number of events this year to provide visibility to the industry space on what is affecting costs and supply worldwide.

So, what can you do in these demanding times?

Engage with a company that has stocked warehouses and inventory as their life blood.

By partnering with George Courey Inc., we offer a booking and future order service. This unique service allows for:

  1. Product availability
  2. Price protection
  3. Peace of mind
  4. Forecasting support
  5. Access to immediate inventory
  6. Inventory storage at no additional cost

Contact your Sales Representative today to find out more about this unique service offering and how we can help you surpass supply chain pressures in 2022 by acting today.

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