Booking and Future Order Service

The Covid pandemic has paid its toll significantly on the world’s supply chain over the past year. This affects the availability of goods and increases prices drastically, just to name a few of the ongoing pressures it has caused. However, even in these demanding times George Courey Inc. can stand loud and proud by offering a unique booking and future ordering service.

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What does this service include:

  1. FORECASTING SUPPORT – Your Sales Representative can help anticipate your needs by working with you hand in hand. This makessure all orders are processed in advance and your supply needs are guaranteed exactly when you need it.

  2. PRICE PROTECTION – By booking your orders today you can take advantage of today’s prices. This provides significant savings as supply chain pressures continue to cause prices to increase.

  3. PEACE OF MIND – By forecasting your supply needs and taking action in advance you will provide yourself with peace of mind of guaranteed stock when needed and at the most competitive pricing on the market.

  4. INVENTORY STORAGE – If your stock arrives before it is needed with our extensive warehouses, we can store your order and then only deliver when it is needed. This prevents you from having to worry about storing supplementary inventory at your facility.

  5. BOOK NOW AND PAY LATER – Booking your order now will protect your stock without any immediate financial commitment. Making you ready and prepared with no extra strain.

We even have inventory on hand that could offer an alternative solution to your immediate needs.

Contact your Sales Representative today to be prepared for the New Year and benefit from the above.

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