George Courey Inc Partners with Dorma Filtration to Offer North America’s First Reusable Alternative to N95 & N99 Respirators

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  • by George Courey Inc.

George Courey Inc has always been focused on developing its product offering with the goal of providing innovative reusable solutions that offset the extreme environmental impact of disposable PPE. With the healthcare frontline worker’s health and safety in mind, we have partnered with Dorma Filtration to now offer the ‘DORMA 99’ respiratory solution – North America’s first reusable alternative to the N95 and N99 Respirators. 

Dorma Filtration designs and manufactures innovative PPE solutions for healthcare professionals. Dorma Filtration designed the first reusable 99PFE-L3 respirator approved by Health Canada, the Dorma 99. This authorization set a precedent for reusable respirators, cementing them as a leader in the space. Dorma Filtration is committed to manufacturing reusable PPE in Canada and improving the safety of healthcare and frontline workers through increased respiratory protection. 

This effort comes alongside the Quebec Labour Minister Jean Boulet announcement this Tuesday (9th of February), instituting mandatory N95 and N99 masks, or equivalent, for all healthcare workers in COVID19 hot zones. According to the Montreal Gazette, the ‘use of the equipment will be mandatory in all Quebec hospitals, clinics, family medicine groups, external clinics, rehabilitation centres, long-term care centres, seniors residences and similar residences.’. 

Unfortunately, as a global distributor, we are aware that the healthcare industry will face difficulties in supplying their frontline workers with the current disposable solutions due to high demands and shortages in the supply chain. 

As a proactive measure, George Courey Inc has partnered with Dorma Filtration to supply a reusable respirator that is 100% Made in Canada, leveraging injection molding technology, a fully Canadian supply chain, and local manufacturing partnerships. 

This innovative breakthrough in the healthcare industry is developed by a team of over 50 doctors, programmers, engineers and scientists, in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada. The Dorma 99 respirators are reusable, offering an environmentally friendly alternative to disposable masks – they have achieved 99.98% Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE), 99.99% Particulate Filtration Efficiency (PFE), 0.053 Delta-P (mm H2O/cm2), and 160 Fluid Resistance to Synthetic Blood (mmHg). 

We also believe it is our duty to remind the healthcare industry that we should not solve the crisis of today (COVID-19) by adding to the crisis of tomorrow (climate change). For healthcare professionals or anyone else - to the extent that it's still possible, we continuously ask them to choose reusable. George Courey Inc has a track record of partnering with companies that provide sustainable and reusable solutions to disposable healthcare products. 

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