Santa Courey Came To Town!

Here at George Courey Inc. we are all about family. This has been a constant in our company over the last 111 years and through multiple generations of family leadership.

This year we wanted to make our holiday festivities all about our employees, as they are truly our extended family.

Santa Courey, with his elf and reindeer, jumped into action by making home visits and dropping off gifts to the children of our incredible GCI team.

It was a wonderful experience that not only put a smile on many children’s faces but also touched the hearts of the families and all those involved.

At GCI, the foundation of our culture evolves around family values, and there is no better time to demonstrate our commitment to these values than during the holidays. With everything going on in the world, we knew that spreading holiday cheer would certainly go a long way.

Let this be the first of many years of Santa Courey to come.

From our family to yours we wish you a wonderful festive season.

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