Jardin Royal Garden

As part of GCI's commitment to supporting community initiatives that strengthen the social fabric of our society, we have partnered with Co-LABinnov to donate $500 worth of reusable face shields to Jardin Royal Garden Inc.

This donation is part of a nationwide pledge to provide reusable PPE to organizations affected by the COVID19 pandemic. While times are more hectic and charitable donations are more impactful than ever, it's important to remember our duty to help those who need it most.

About Jardin Royal Garden Inc.

Royal Garden retirement residence has been designed for the gracious retirement lifestyle you are looking for. They built the very best! In being a family enterprise, they are very pleased to be the leading option in retirement living. Their choice of different types of suites can be customized for the retirement experience of your choice. A full-service lifestyle is offered, ensuring personal service, peace of mind, security and comfort. Satisfaction is guaranteed!

In the historic neighbourhood of Orleans, surrounded by nature and parklands along the Bilberry Creek, yet close to all amenities such as shopping, restaurants, entertainment and public transportation, Royal Garden promises to deliver a new level of comfort in retirement residences.

To learn more about Jardin Royal Garden Inc., you can visit their website HERE

About Co-LABinnov

Born out of the merger of two companies in the automotive field (M.I Integration and e-Lab), Co-LABinnov was created from the simple idea of manufacturing protective equipment for front-line workers during the COVID19 pandemic. Co-Lab’s mission is straightforward: Allowing employees to maintain their jobs during the crisis, all while utilizing their unique skills and tools to help protect people from the virus through the production of reusable face shields and other PPE.

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About GCI Foundation

The George Courey Inc Foundation is a trusted and reliable partner, supporting community initiatives that raise awareness and promote environmental sustainability while strengthening the social fabric of our society. The Foundation is committed to empowering our community's environmental sustainability initiatives and charitable organizations through reusable product and monetary donations.

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