Manoir Ronald McDonald de Montréal

As part of GCI's commitment to supporting community initiatives that strengthen the social fabric of our society, we have partnered with Co-LABinnov to donate $2,000 worth of reusable face shields to the Manoir Ronald McDonald de Montréal.

This donation is part of a nationwide pledge from the GCI Foundation and Co-LABinnov to provide reusable PPE to organizations affected by the COVID19 pandemic. While times are more hectic and charitable donations are more impactful than ever, it's important to remember our duty to help those who need it most.

About the Manoir Ronald McDonald de Montréal

The mission of the Manoir Ronald McDonald is to offer a more convivial and family style living environment. This approach allows sick children to have their parents close to them during their hospitalization or treatment. This also allows parents to maintain a more secure lifestyle during a more difficult period of life.

The Manoir Ronald McDonald de Montréal offers its services to all of the Montreal Children’s hospitals. It offers parents a comfortable place to stay within a five-minute walk from CHU Sainte-Justine. It’s like a “home away from home” where they can sleep, prepare their meals and most importantly visit their child anytime, just a few steps away. It’s more than just a residence: the House is also a place of solace and solidarity.

Of their many objectives, the first is economic. It is about easing the financial burden on parents by providing them with low-cost accommodation. They also wish to keep the children as close as possible to their families. The Manoir allows parents in remote areas to be close to their child during his or her hospitalization. The third objective is psychological in nature. Thanks to the Manoir, parents are no longer isolated in their ordeal. They have the opportunity to share a human experience with other parents in the same situation.

To learn more about the Manoir Ronald McDonald de Montréal, or to donate to their cause, please visit their website HERE

About Co-LABinnov

Born out of the merger of two companies in the automotive field (M.I Integration and e-Lab), Co-LABinnov was created from the simple idea of manufacturing protective equipment for front-line workers during the COVID19 pandemic. Co-Lab’s mission is straightforward: Allowing employees to maintain their jobs during the crisis, all while utilizing their unique skills and tools to help protect people from the virus through the production of reusable face shields and other PPE.

Learn more HERE

About the GCI Foundation

The George Courey Inc Foundation is a trusted and reliable partner, supporting community initiatives that raise awareness and promote environmental sustainability while strengthening the social fabric of our society. The Foundation is committed to empowering our community's environmental sustainability initiatives and charitable organizations through reusable product and monetary donations.

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