Why Should You Choose Percale For Your Bed Linens?

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  • by George Courey Inc.

We spend about a third of our lives sleeping, so it’s safe to say linen quality is essential. And with so many of our clients/partners relying on us for top quality bedding, we understand the importance of our materials. We also understand it can be confusing for you to know which bedding is best for your needs. 

Let’s get materialistic and talk about one of our most trusted linen fabrics here at George Courey: percale. 

First, let’s get into what exactly percale is. Percale is a closely woven bedding fabric typically made 100% from cotton or with a cotton-polyester blend. This fabric utilizes the traditional one-yarn-over and one-yarn-under weave, giving it its nice matte finish and cool, crisp feel, as opposed to sateen, which has a tighter weave that makes the sheets heavier and less breathable. Linen is similarly light and breathable to percale, but has a much less formal look. Unlike percale, linen wrinkles easily, making it harder for your sheets to ever look smooth. 

It is important to note that the higher the thread count does not always mean higher quality. The quality of bedsheets is often measured by their thread count, but that is a common misconception that can oftentimes lead to you buying the wrong sheets. For certain fabrics, if the thread count is higher than 400-500 they will be so tightly woven that they become stiff, heavy, and do not breathe well. A thread count of ~200-400 is preferred for percale fabrics, which you will find in the linens offered here at George Courey.

Now that we’ve gone over the what’s, let’s get to the why’s. Why should you choose percale for your linens?
It’s perfect for every season.

Even after multiple washes, this fabric remains crisp and cool. This makes it perfect during the hot seasons, as well as during the wintertime when we have our heaters on. Unlike certain bedsheets that must be changed seasonally, your percale linens are extremely breathable and will help regulate your body temperature all year long. 

Percale is great for people with allergies.

The way percale is woven actually helps prevent dust and dust mites from penetrating the linens, making them ideal for people suffering from allergies. 

It will last.

The one-over-one weave makes percale extremely strong and sustainable. This fabric can survive the toughest of laundry machines, and you won’t have to replace them for a very long time. The durability also means that this material won’t pill over time, which is also good news for your dryer filters. 

In fact, it can actually last you forever.

When it does finally come time to replace the sheets, you can put your percale sheets to multiple different uses instead of tossing them. When you dispose of your sheets, they can actually end up in landfills which is harmful to the environment. And while there are many appropriate reasons to dispose of your bedding, there are much more sustainable ways to take care of it. From handkerchiefs and rags, to shopping bags and couch covers and even some new pajamas, you have a wide array of options. 

All in all, if you’re looking for a long-lasting, crisp, cool bedding fabric for your establishment, any of our percale linens just might be the perfect choice for you. Head to georgecourey.com for more. 

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