The Clean Show 2022: George Courey Inc. Is Coming In Full Force


The Clean Show is a premier event to which over 450+ industry experts from around the globe converge. It is North America’s largest exposition and the main industries represented operate within the laundering, drycleaning and textile service ecosystem. Some products on display in this event include (but are not limited to):


  • Washing, extracting, and drying equipment
  • Laundry folders and ironers
  • Business Equipment
  • Drycleaning and finishing


There's also a wealth of information on the show's website, where you can find product categories, exhibitor links, and more. It is an opportunity to network and learn through live demos. This year, the show will take place in Atlanta from July 30th to August 2nd 2022.


How The Covid Pandemic Affected The Clean Show

Like most public events, The Clean Show has not taken place since the start of the covid pandemic. Public health measures in place, coupled with complex travel procedures and lockdowns made it reasonable for organizers to put the event on hold. However, with most restrictions uplifted, it is time to begin another chapter. The show has put in place safety measures for participants in conformity with the Atlanta COVID-19 2022 executive orders. In light of this, participants may be required to show proof of vaccination, negative covid tests amongst others. Other mitigation strategies will include isolation of any participant that develops COVID-19 symptoms during the show, rapid tests and more.


George Courey Inc. & Its Focus During The Clean Show

The covid pandemic paralyzed several logistical aspects of businesses around the globe. It was an opportunity for George Courey Inc. to heighten its focus on product innovation, high quality products, reusable products, customer satisfaction and sustainability. The Clean Show is the right platform to showcase the latter and network with likeminded industry experts and enthusiasts.


Guess What George Courey Inc. Has For You In Store?

Our dynamic family of experts will have a diverse triage of products on display and most especially a deep wealth of knowledge to transmit. On the agenda is our latest push for sustainability through high quality products, customer satisfaction at its very best, partnerships, customizable solutions for businesses in the sectors we cater to: Hotel, Healthcare and Surgical. Experience and quality stand out as the themes we want to highlight this year. For that reason, we have prepared a customized booth full of surprises to be revealed on that day. There is a lot to discover, and our team is here to help. Come join us in Atlanta at Booth number 944 for a first-class experience.



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