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Cort Naab Named Director of Surgical Solutions at George Courey Inc.


Laval, QC, January 23, 2023-- George Courey Inc., has announced the appointment of Cort Naab as Director of Surgical Solutions. He is responsible for overseeing the company's surgical textile initiatives and establishing George Courey Inc. as a leader of surgical products in today's healthcare textile market.

  Mr. Naab has close to a decade of experience in the healthcare laundry industry at several leading healthcare laundries in North America. Additionally, he is currently serving on the Board of Directors of the Healthcare Laundry Accreditation Council better known as HLAC.

"We are thrilled to welcome Cort to our team as the Director of Surgical Solutions," said Jeffrey Courey, CEO of George Courey Inc. "His expertise and leadership will be invaluable as we continue to expand our surgical product offerings and strengthen our position in the market."

Mr. Naab expressed his enthusiasm for the opportunity to lead the surgical division at George Courey Inc., saying, "I am honored to be given this chance to make a positive impact on the reusable healthcare textile industry. I am eager to work with the talented team at George Courey Inc. to develop innovative solutions that meet the needs of our customers, improve laundry operational efficiency and ultimately contribute to improved patient care."

George Courey Inc. has been serving the healthcare industry for over 113 years, and is committed to providing high-quality, innovative products that help healthcare providers deliver the best possible care to their patients. The company's surgical products division has experienced significant growth in recent years, and with Mr. Naab at the helm, is poised for even more success in the future. By using durable, high-performance textiles that can withstand repeated use and sterilization, hospitals and clinics can significantly reduce the amount of waste generated from single-use textiles. The shift towards reusable surgical textiles is not only environmentally friendly but also cost-effective, promoting long-term sustainability in the surgical industry.

About George Courey Inc. Surgical:

The George Courey Inc Surgical Division focuses on the manufacturing and distribution of high-quality, technical surgical textiles for the North American healthcare industry. With a complete reusable line of surgical towels, surgical drapes, wrappers and gowns, George Courey inc. provides a one-stop shop for its client's surgical textile needs. The company also provides clients with complementary training and consulting services to support laundries in their efforts to convert hospital systems away from disposable surgical products to reusable.

About George Courey Inc:

George Courey Inc. is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-quality reusable linens, serving the hospitality, surgical and healthcare industries in North America. With over 113 years of experience in the industry, the company is committed to providing innovative products that help healthcare providers deliver the best possible care to their patients. For more information, visit