Sustainability is both our passion and our goal.

One of the biggest challenges of our time is the environmental dent that we are leaving for future generations. We should not solve the crises of today by adding to the crisis of tomorrow: climate change. 

 Jeffrey Courey, President & CEO 

 Our company has existed for over 110 years in Canada and we have been specializing in reusable textile products for at least 40 years. Why did we decide to make the permanent switch to reusable? We, as a manufacturer, can no longer sit by and continue to make such a negative impact on the environment.

George Courey Inc believes that it is the healthcare and hospitality industries’ responsibility to be accountable for their waste footprint and take the first steps towards true strategic sustainability.

From healthcare professional to hotel manager - to the extent that it's still possible, we continuously ask them to choose reusable. We aim to continuously educate the industries on the benefits of sustainable business strategies. Not only will choosing reusable alleviate budget pressures (the cost of reusable products is significantly cheaper in the long run), but they also tackle the shortage issue because the lifecycle and the usage quantity of the reusable products is higher than single use disposable products.

What differentiates us from the rest? We do not shy away from market influencers like climate change, and instead use them to truly make a difference. It is not a threat to our industry, but a real opportunity that needs to be cultivated and developed strategically to have a positive impact.

Whether it be through investing in the research and development of innovative eco-friendly reusable products, or by partnering with first movers such as The Unscented Company whose commitment to sustainability goes beyond products and packaging, our mission is to provide our clients with full turnkey sustainable solutions, encompassing a product offering of sustainable linen and terry collections, as well as a unique line of environmentally friendly amenities.