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Towel Guide : 10 tips for longer towel life!

February 27, 2013

Dedicated to Quality of their products, George Courey Inc. & Cambridge Towels Corp. would like to share some tips to use your towels longer.

  1. Wash towels separately in warm water.
  2. Avoid washing towels with bleaching or brightenning agents.
  3. Wash new towels separately for the first several washes to remove excess lint.
  4. Wash whites separate from colors. Wash all colored towels separately.
  5. Always wash dark-colored towels separately.
  6. Wash deep tones before using to remove excess dye (they’ll continue to bleed after several washings).
  7. Use no fabric softener, as it tends to decrease a towel’s absorbency.
  8. Clean lint filters before drying. Linting is normal…all high quality towels will lint. After ten washes and initial heavy shedding a towel’s linting should decrease.
  9. Do not use facecloths or towels to wipe the sink. Toothpaste can leave bleach marks. Also certain acne creams and cosmetic soaps containing benzyl peroxide will destroy certain colors and this will not be noticed until after laundering. In most instances this is localized on towels and sometime the outline of finger marks are evident where the fingers have been wiped on the towel after using the cream. Discoloration of washcloths is generally of an overall nature, and seems to relate to the use of the cosmetic soaps or possibly to the washing off of the acne creams. Such damage to towel colors does not imply any fault with the dye on the towel.
  10. Clip any snags or pulled terry with a pair of scissors.



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