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The CBC report that amazed the hotel industry

November 23, 2012

 According to a recent CBC Marketplace report, one of the most contaminated areas in a typical hotel room is the comforter!

Items like comforters, bedspreads and throws are simply not being laundered as often as they should be which can potentially lead to contamination problems in even the most luxurious of hotels. Some of the reasons these items are not being handled properly may include:

·    High cost to launder these bulky items

·    Reduced life-span of the product

·    Proper in-house equipment is not available to wash / dry the goods

·   Additional stock levels required


GCI has cost effective, easy-to-manage and trendy products available that can help to solve this problem!  Use a “Microlux” Microfiber Duvet or duvet blanket, combined with our “Provencale” satin stripe duvet covers. Or create a triple sheet look with our brand new “Beyond” Decorative 100% Polyester Top Sheets or our classic Satin Stipe Poly-Cotton Top sheets! 


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